Our Terms of Service (Terms & Conditions)

  • These terms only apply to customers when they submit correct and truthful details for their booking through email, phone or the MILE5 website (as the case may be).
  • The Private Hire Act 1998 obligates all London licensed operators, who accept a booking from a customer, to enter into a principal agreement/contract with the passenger for the specified journey.
  • In Compliance with the 1998 Act, MILE5 Limited confirms that it shall enter a direct contractual obligation with the person making the private hire booking and be responsible for providing the transportation service for which client has prebooked & been given confirmation by
  • A booking confirmation sent by MILE5 Limited shall construed a contract between MILE5 Limited and the passenger, even if a contract is not recorded in writing, liability in relation to the transportation services belongs to MILE5 Limited once confirmed.
  • We accept direct bookings from customers
  • Fares are collected by MILE5 Limited directly through a payment link or through an online payment system, our drivers are not authorised to collect payments from customers unless specifically requested by customers, in which case the driver shall collect the fare on behalf of MILE5 Limited.
  • MILE5 limited offers its Customers Private hire Services from their Origin to their destination and the details provided by the customer shall be passed on to its appointed This information will contain the Customers pick up location and associated data (Customer name, mobile phone number) and the Customer in turn will also receive relevant data about the Private hire vehicle driver that will pick them up.
  • By ordering a private hire vehicle through MILE5 the Customer agrees to use the service and to pay all relevant fares including VAT where applicable. The settlement of which will be bound by the terms & conditions of

Hire price: 

The hire price is guaranteed to remain the same as quoted at the time of reservation provided no alterations have been made to the itinerary once the booking has been finalised. Any alterations made to the journey itinerary subsequent to the reservation will be charged accordingly.

Cancellations & Amendments: 

MILE5 Limited provides a pre-booked airport transfer/ private hire service, therefore any cancellation/amendment policy must be adhered by the client/Customer as stated below*.

London (Heathrow / Stanstead / city airport / Gatwick / Luton):

  1. 4 hours prior to the pickup time – FREE
  2. 2-4 hours from pick up time – 50%
  3. 0-2 hours from pick up time *- 100%

All other UK airports and cities except Scotland:



6 hours prior to the pickup time –

4-6 hours from pick up time –

FREE 50%
iii) 0-4 hours from pick up time * – 100%



12 hours prior to the pickup time –



ii) 0-12 hours from pick up time * – 100%


In-case of a new booking being made within the cancelation times stated above, free cancellation/amendments shall be processed within 30 minutes of booking following which, standard cancellation/ amendment policy shall apply.

Waiting time (pickups):

Airport transfers and standard address pickups are entitled to free wait times. 1 hour for airport pickups (starting from flight arrival time) and 15 minutes for all other address pickups (starting from the booked times). Thereafter, waiting time will be charged at our basic hourly rate based on the tariff at the time of journey.

Specified time Airport pickups:

In case where a customer has specified a particular pick-up time from the airport which is different from the flight landing time on the booking, MILE5 will only consider the specified time on the booking to be correct and will ignore the flight landing time, in such cases the wait time at the airport shall be only 15 minutes as opposed to the standard 1 hour airport waiting time.

*Applicable to airports & standard address pickups.

On route Journey Amendments / wait times:

When an amendment to a journey is requested while on route with the driver, all effort shall be made to accommodate the request. wherever the request cannot be accommodated, a standard wait time charge or a recalculated price shall apply and will be conveyed to the customer prior to being charged.

Non-arrival – No show- (airport pickups):

If, following a service request/booking, the client fails to arrive at an airport on the flight detailed in the booking, the driver shall wait for a maximum of 90 minutes from the scheduled flight arrival time. A waiting time surcharge, in accordance with the applicable hourly charges, will be applied to the booking in addition to the reservation charges agreed for the service requested.

Flight delays & early arrivals (airport pickups):

Flights shall be monitored for progress based on information provided in the booking & available information at the arrival airport. The driver shall amend his/her time accordingly to ensure that the vehicle is available for any late or early arrivals within a reasonable time frame, all effort shall be made to ensure the driver is made available accordingly, however in extreme circumstances delays in the availability of drivers may occur.


MILE5 will ensure that any driver assigned to a booking is fully insured and compliant with the TFL licencing & operational policy.

Journey- Route & on time arrival:

The route taken during a journey is at the driver’s discretion. The driver will take the best possible route to ensure efficiency & convenience for the passengers. In the event of heavy traffic / congestion, he/she can amend the route, if necessary, to ensure passengers arrival to their destination/airport is made possible in a timely manner.

Customers are advised to always allow plenty of time for their journey.

Driving speed:

The driver will always drive the vehicle within lawful limits & at a reasonable speed, any requests to increase driving speeds or requests for unsafe manoeuvres to mitigate a delay in a journey shall not be entertained.


MILE5 has a strict no smoking policy in all vehicles.

Alcohol & food:

The consumption of food and alcohol is strictly forbidden with in the vehicles.


child / infant / booster seats can be provided, subject to prior request & availability. The parent/carer of the child must ensure the seat is fixed properly and securely. The parent/ carer is responsible for the safety of the child at all times.

Disorderly behaviour:

Customers are expected to maintain a decent and a composed behaviour throughout the journey, The driver of the vehicle assigned for the journey reserves the right to refuse travel to any person deemed to be a nuisance or danger to its passengers or the driver. If necessary, the driver may request the police to assist in removing any offenders from its vehicles. In these circumstances, no refund or compensation shall be paid.

Illegal substances:

Carriage or use of any illegal drugs or weapons in any of the vehicles assigned to a journey by MILE5 is forbidden & the driver may report any such activity to the police.


MILE5 Limited shall not be held responsible for any of the following events:

  1. Delays due to adverse weather
  2. Theft or damage of any item belonging to any of the passengers travelling in our vehicles unless caused by the driver
  3. Delays caused by road traffic accidents; Other traffic conditions or acts of god;
  4. Loss of any possessions/items left behind or un-attended in the


MILE5 Limited aims to provide the customers with the specific vehicle booked all times. However, in case of limited or non-availability of the specific vehicle requested, MILE5 reserves the right to assign a different vehicle within the same group/category as requested.


All vehicles house a limited luggage capacity displayed during the booking process, it is therefore the customers responsibility to ensure that a vehicle with the correct capacity is selected for their journey. Luggage can only be transported if it is placed in the respective luggage compartment of the vehicle. For smaller bags, the driver of the vehicle must agree to carry it inside the passenger seating area and thus cannot be guaranteed.

Pet Policy:

Only Guide dogs are allowed in the booked vehicles, as per regulatory requirement. To transport any other accompanied or unaccompanied pets, customers must call the help line after booking and ensure that MILE5 is aware and has confirmed that a pet can be transported in the Vehicle by the allocated driver, failure to inform MILE5 may result in the driver refusing to transport the pet and the customer shall not be eligible for any refunds.


The customer undertakes to bear the cost to rectify any damage/soiling incurred to a vehicle as a result of the customer’s/ passengers actions and authorizes MILE5 to charge the full amount inclusive of any time lost by the driver as a result of the vehicle damage being rectified.

Any additional Costs

Any costs incurred as a result of the driver following passenger’s instructions within a journey shall be transferrable to the customer, which may include but are not limited to ( toll costs, parking fees, parking penalty charges, fines etc)


Tip & Gratuities are at the client’s discretion and are not included in the price.

Terms of Payment:

Payments shall be processed by MILE5 limited in GBP currency.

Customers can pay for their rides/bookings through any major credit cards, MILE5 does not charge any additional service charges on card payments, however Customers might encounter additional charges through their bank if paying through a card issued in any other currency then GBP, please check with your bank on transaction charges.


Complaints can be submitted electronically at complaints@mile5.co.uk or via post to the following address:

Customer complaints department MILE5 Limited

2.26 – Regus Building 450- Bath Road Heathrow

London – UB7 0EB


Please state the date and time of the incident, driver’s details (if known), and the nature of your complaint. MILE5 endeavour to address complaint as efficiently as possible, our policy is to close/rectify any customer complaints within a maximum of 14 business days.


The contract is only valid when a customer books a journey with MILE5, in the case a booking has been cancelled by the passenger, these terms and conditions shall be considered void and only the applicable terms under cancellations and amendments” shall be applicable to the effect of their scope.