Heathrow Airport to Reigate: Transfer Service

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Heathrow Airport to Reigate: Transfer Service

Are you looking for comfortable and reliable transportation between Heathrow Airport and Reigate? MILE5 offers an efficient airport transfer service to and from London Heathrow, with our friendly team paying close attention to every aspect of booking and transfer.

Whether you’re leaving London on holiday or coming home via Heathrow, you can be assured of convenience, reliability, and comfort at every stage of your journey. All of our services are provided by an experienced team of people with extensive local knowledge.

The journey between Heathrow Airport and Reigate

Whether you’re coming or going from the airport, there are two major routes between these destinations.

Most people travelling between Heathrow and Reigate will stay on the M25 the entire way, with this popular and easy to navigate route lasting 29 miles and taking roughly 35 minutes depending on the time of day.

Coming from Reigate, there is also an opportunity to do the last part of the journey on the A309. While this route is a little shorter at just 23 miles, it generally takes longer due to more traffic. Regular peak hour traffic can be an issue, with experienced Mile5 drivers able to navigate the best route based on the time of the day.

Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in Europe and the second busiest in the world in terms of international passenger movements. Over 80 million passengers enter or leave the United Kingdom via London Heathrow each year, with the journey to and from the airport often challenging. Here at Mile5, we take all the hard work out of the transfer process, with services between Heathrow and Reigate carried out on a regular basis. London Heathrow is located 14 miles west of Central London and about 25 miles north of Reigate.

Why choose Mile5?

The friendly team at Mile5 offers a range of services to make your journey as stress-free and seamless as possible. We provide accurate flight monitoring for arriving passengers, and a 60 minute waiting time that is four times longer than the industry average.

Along with an efficient and hassle-free journey, we also provide a reliable booking process with no hidden charges and free cancellation with four hours notice. All of our drivers are well-trained, DBS approved, and familiar with local conditions. We also provide a range of extras to make your trip as comfortable as possible, including bottled water, daily newspapers, free WiFi, and complementary seating for infants and children.